The Cretan diet is renowned worldwide and the Cretan cuisine as the most typical example of Mediterranean cuisine. Cretans, admittedly, have the highest longevity rate in the world and the lowest mortality rate from conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer.  Furthermore, Ierapetra and the Greater Eastern region of Crete is the Agricultural center of this magnificent island and also a major supplier of fruits, vegetables and olive oil to Europe. You can be assured that the food is fresh, plentiful and of the highest quality.

With a culture so ancient and unique and soil/environment so bountiful and diverse, the dishes are unique and delicious.

Local dishes include

dolmadakia ( rice stuffed grape leaves/ zucchini flowers) , cheese pies , rabbit stew, goat , and snails, octopus, kalamari, fresh fish catch of the day, rooster, Omaties ( Pork intestines stuffed with rice and liver)  and dishes and salads that include locally grown vegetables like eggplant, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, potatoes, and so many local cheeses , wild greens/weeds, and everything with the finest olive oil, local wild herbs (oregano, thyme , rosemary, caper etc), barley Rusks and fragrant lemons !

There are abundant restaurants to mention, but below are a selection for your consideration

within 20 min walking distance.


Alatsi, popular tavern on the beach, great for seafood


Kouros family tavern, typical local cuisine and grill.

Very spacious including and a small indoor kids’ area


Kimeri Taverna traditional, local cuisine and grill

Pelagos Seaside Restaurant for seafood

Stand by pizza, a pizzeria with an amazingly delicious pizza baked in a stone-oven.

Rodos, family run tavern, just 100 meters away

within 15min Drive

Agios Ioannis, traditional café. Drive to a picturesque village overlooking Southern Crete.
An inland village family restaurant with home cooked meals and delicacies at very reasonable prices.

IERAPETRA, the town of Ierapetra boasts a boardwalk along the sea of 1.5km, with over 100 Restaurants and Cafes.